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Some portfolio updates

I updated my online portfolio to reflect the work I've been doing at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The AMMP-specific gist:

Just as the world shut down in 2020, a new opporunity opened up for me: I became Associate Curator for Digital Presentation at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. It's been an amazing, action-packed ride! My role bridges digital, curatorial, and interpretation, and I'm charged with thinking through how the Academy Museum's digital platforms—our app and website—might be used as fully-fledged curatorial spaces in their own right. Projects I've led to date include the creation of our audio tours, our web and app exhibition pages, the creation of the award-winning Academy Awards History Timeline, the development and launch of the Hollywood Past and Present web and app experience (which allows users to parse Los Angeles from the standpoint of film history), and the creation of traditional web editorial in support of the museum's exhibitions and collections, with more to come. (We only just opened!) I also do a fair amount of long-form writing for the museum, as a way to help set the tone for our site and app.